What is Website Design?

A website isn’t just a place. It’s an experience. By combining great design with programming know-how and proven online strategies, we can make this happen for you too.

We believe that a website is the ultimate destination for your customers. It’s a place they can go to learn about you, interact with your brand and connect with you as a business. With our holistic approach to web design, we’ll ensure that your site compliments an existing brand or that it is developed to reflect a new identity that we have created on your behalf.

In this ever-changing environment, we design sites with the future in mind, avoiding the need for an extensive re-build or re-design if you ever want to make adjustments.

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Key values about our team/company

Visibility: Better than flashing, neon lights.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your product is if no one can find it. Professional web design companies can provide you and your website with the very best in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that you don’t get buried under ten pages of your competitors on Google. Not only is your site more likely to show up in the first round of searches, it will also reveal a general overview of what your company does or sells. Professional web design companies can help you always be the first to court potential customers.

Presentation: Love at first click.

Look at this way: when you’re out in the online marketplace and happen upon a website that’s archaic, disjointed, and overall unpleasant to look at, it’s unlikely you’ll want to click that “Buy Now” link and even less likely that you’ll trust such a company with your banking information. With your website, you’ll want to avoid losing potential customers, not because you have a bad product, but because the presentation of your site looks like something from the stone-age of the internet. Professional web design companies can provide you with a clean and enticing website.

Functionality: Make it work.

Perhaps even worse than awkward presentation, is a website littered with broken links, pop-ups where they don’t belong, and scroll bars that act on their own accord. Beneath that shiny veneer that is your front page lays the beating heart of it all: code. Allowing a professional to handle this aspect of your site means you’ll get a site that loads faster and is optimized for web browsers on multiple platforms. More than that, if something does go wrong, you’ll have continued support. Professional web design companies can make it easy for a customer to peruse your site, not just from a computer, but also from a mobile phone, tablet, or anything else that connects a customer to the Internet.

Professionalism: Like a firm handshake.

Professionalism might be the most important aspect of how your business is presented to the public and professional web design companies are your best bet here. You’ll want your website to ooze credibility and you’ll want potential customers to trust your business model. The content of every page of your site needs to be of the highest quality and targeted to the specific audience you want to attract. Professional web design companies can help ensure that your business model is conveyed accurately and is presented in an organized fashion that evokes trust—increasing traffic and sales.

Uniqueness: Stand out in the crowd.

Lastly, the advantage of hiring professional web design companies over using a pre-designed website template is undeniable in terms of how you present your business as one-of-a-kind or the top in a wide field of competitors. You’ll want your site to exemplify this facet of your business. You’ll want your customers to know the lengths you’ll go to prove why you’re the best in the business. And most of all, you’ll want that first impression to be a lasting one so that it’s your business at the forefront of a customers’ mind. Professional web design companies can help separate both your website and your business apart from the crowd.

Expertise and Knowledge

A company offering web design services has hired talented designers who create websites for clients on a daily basis. And this qualifies them to work on your project.

Gets Attention

An experienced web design firm will use various software programs, proper keywords, meta tags and other strategies to get you more exposure online. And this will help you build traffic and leads for your business.

Cheaper Than Hiring

A company that offers web design services will only charge for the hours it spent on the project. On the contrary, if you hire a full-time web designer, you’ll pay them an average of $74,110 annually, based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

 Increase Sales

A talented website design company can help you increase sales and profits. It will accomplish this by keeping your content updated and relevant.

Economies of Scale

When it comes to web design services, some larger firms will offer many additional business services, including reputation management, consulting, SEO and even social media management. This enables you to use one vendor for multiple services.

Save Time

How much time do you really have to devote to your website? Could that time be better spent elsewhere, like on getting investors or new customers

You Don’t Know What Users Want in a Website

You have to be honest with yourself about web design. You may have researched a few websites that you want to emulate.

You Don’t Know SEO

A great way to get your business known and get traffic is to be at the top of search results. You’re probably not an expert in SEO.

Your Needs Require Technical Expertise

There are simple website projects and there are complex projects, like setting up an eCommerce store. Your project may be complex and require technical expertise that is beyond your scope of knowledge. 

You Can’t Afford a Bad Design

You’re probably aware of the importance of first impressions when you meet people face to face. Did you know that people form first impressions of your business based on your website?

You May Rely on Bad Tools to Build Your Site

Just because you can build a website yourself, doesn’t mean that you should. If you choose to build a site yourself, you run the risk of installing plugins or themes that are so cumbersome and poorly coded that they slow down your site.

You Can Put Your Site’s Security at Risk

There are stories every day about a company or government organization falling victim to a cyber attack. Ransomware, denial of service attacks, or an SQL injection can take out your website and your business.